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About EVC.




Our Theory of Change:  Greater Philanthropic Equity

We partner with nonprofit executives of color. We empower them through a collaborative growth process which includes personalized executive coaching, socially and culturally tailored technical assistance, and we join forces with funders for greater impact in creating racial wealth equity.


Combining Transformational Capacity Building and Enterprise Capital, to Create Financially Resilient Communities

Nonprofit leaders of color produce catalytic programs and policy alternatives to serve their communities despite systemic biases and racial inequities in the sector.

The Racial Organizational Capacity Gap

Disproportionately forced into vicious cycles of capacity-building training focused on their deficits rather than assets.

The Racial Leadership Gap

Systemic hiring biases and promotion barriers contribute to a significant underrepresentation at leadership levels of leaders of color in the social sector.


The Racial Funding Gap

Funding for the sector is inequitable, with non-White leaders receiving a mix of small dollar, short-term and/or restricted funding allocations that leave many  systematically under-resourced.

At Enterprising Ventures of Color, we imagine a future where nonprofit leaders of color deliver impact from a place of abundance and opportunity rather than scarcity and limitation. As “Frontline Avengers” with close proximity to communities they serve, these leaders are best positioned to develop the solutions.  While supporting the organizational capacity will always be a vital component of any effort to lift the sector, capital is the fuel that drives the operations and growth of any enterprise. Thus, we combine these two powerful approaches  - capacity building and enterprise capital - for revolutionary level change.



Courageous &
Transformational Leadership

The battle for racial equity will not be easy, so determination and tenacity are required to combat structural and systemic inequities. EVC Fellows must lead with courage and practice open integrity (publicly and privately) as they pave new pathways.

Icon representing Courageous and Transformational Leadership

Building Collective Power.

Oppressive systems cannot be dismantled by any one leader or organization but require mobilization, alignment, and coalition. EVC Fellows embrace that they are stronger together and subject their egos to the greatness of the cause.  

Building block icon representing Building Collective Power

Pay It Forward.

EVC Fellows are disruptors of the status quo, who not only position themselves at the table but create space for those barred not by merit but by opportunity. They create bridges from their nonprofit organization to the next for increased opportunity for the larger nonprofit ecosystem. 

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