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Empowering Fathers, Strengthening Families: The Inspiring Story of InvolvedDad in Flint

We are thrilled to share this article featuring InvolvedDad, one of our esteemed organizations and an enterprising partner, as it highlights their remarkable work. The Mott Foundation has written an insightful piece about InvolvedDad's efforts to empower men and strengthen families in the Flint area.

The team at InvolvedDad is truly dedicated, tirelessly striving to make a positive impact. Their commitment to helping men become engaged fathers knows no bounds. We invite you to read the full article, titled "InvolvedDad aims to strengthen Flint-area families by helping men to become engaged fathers," to gain a deeper understanding of their mission and the invaluable work they do.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Mott Foundation for recognizing InvolvedDad's vital role in the Flint community. Together with our enterprising partner, we remain committed to supporting InvolvedDad and its unwavering dedication to building strong and resilient families.

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