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EVC’s model has three components–the leadership academy, the leadership immersive, and the leadership accelerator. The leadership academy is a two-day training focused on leadership skills and branding. The leadership immersive is designed for those who have completed the leadership academy and are interested in building or strengthening specific skills in areas such as revenue generation, financial management, strategic communications, and impact evaluation. The leadership accelerator is the most intensive and longest component of the model and provides leaders who have completed both the academy and immersive to join a nine-month fellowship + coaching program to take their leadership and their organization’s impact to the next well. Throughout all of these components, EVC centers and provides healing and well-being offerings to leaders to support their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 


The EVC Training Institute offers leaders capacity building across six boot camps–breakthrough leadership; results-based accountability research; revenue generation; financial management; strategic communications; strategic planning and development; health and wellbeing–and, upon completion, an opportunity to apply to the EVC Accelerator, a nine-month fellowship + coaching program with a $50,000 unrestricted organization grant.




Leader Eligibility Criteria

The EVC Training Institute is designed for leaders of color who are working at organizations of color and serving households of color. Leaders must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Have attended EVC’s Leadership Academy

  • Can share via a video (maximum three minutes) or writing sample with 1-3 examples of what they learned at the Academy and how they wish to grow through participating in the Training Institute 

  • Are available for six months


Organization Eligibility Criteria

Leaders must be working at organizations who meet the following criteria:

  • Has been in operation for a minimum of 1 year

  • Has 2+ full-time staff members 

  • Is in good standing financially (no audit issues - current 990s) 

  • The Executive Director is a person of color, as defined above, and has 2+ years of tenure in the position.

  • organization has a track record of successful programming in the areas of financial empowerment, financial capability and community development

  • is committed to addressing racial economic inequalities in their communities

Applications for our 2024-25 Academy are currently open and being accepted on a rolling basis. Please contact with any questions regarding the application process.

EVC Training Institute Bootcamp + Tracks


Learn about...

  • Track 1: Preparing for an audit
    Organizational leaders can take a number of steps to prepare for and lead a successful audit. However, federal and state laws regarding audits can be confusing and overwhelming, and sometimes funders can have specific requirements for In this track, leaders will learn the federal and state laws which apply to them and the internal systems to set up to ensure the audit process runs smoothly. Leaders will walk away with a better understanding of what the audit process entails and how to prepare for it. Leaders with audit experience will bring their success and challenge stories for us to reflect on and learn from together.
  • Track 2: Annual report, form 990 and charity navigator
    Annual report, form 990 and charity navigator are foundational ways through which an organization maintains its credibility. In this track, leaders will learn the components of a compelling annual report, learn how to file form 990 and get on charity navigator. This track will also support leaders in understanding just how these documents are used by funders and other stakeholders.
  • Track 3: Building financial strength and sustainability for mission
    This track will support leaders in understanding how their mission relates to their organizational model and how to manage their finances effectively. Specific topics which will be covered include: enterprise capital (what it is and why it matters for your organization); the relationship between finance and capital and how it fuels the enterprise (four keys to financial strength; overview of the revenue & expense statement, balance sheets, and net assets); understanding how to assess organizational financial health; designing your financial model; and more. Leaders will be introduced to case studies from the Blueprint for Enterprise Capital and walk away with next steps.


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